Up 8:30.
Watched new Kesha/Macklemore video (godawful), and John Oliver.
Put on Bree’s socks by mistake.
Left at 10:30.
Train, rain. Read ch. 2-3 RthR.
Biscuit and coffee. Daybook.
Worked at Schomburg 1-5. Wrote up a few elements of application, shortened statements, tinkered w/ sample chapters. Productive; very close.
Started listening to Mary Halvorson’s new Code Girl album, in prep for seeing her tomorrow, on the walk to a bar on Frederick Douglass to meet up for Katie Degentesh’s birthday. Drew, Bruce & Sally, Catherine Talese, a couple people I don’t know as well.
Dinner w/ same group nearby at Streetbird.
Rode partway home w/ Catherine and a friend (George?). Switched train, more Halvorson, read Levy.
Home by 11. Caught up w/ Bree.
Read last few p. of Levy. Paratactic, largely unlyrical, w/ found/overheard elements, dry in a way I like but not emotionless. Endnote on Davidsonian interpretation, which helps a little?
1 episode of Perry Mason
Lights out 12:30.