Up around 8. Read Ethan Iverson’s long interview w/ Carla Bley in bed. D/l’ed Brahms’ exercises b/c Bley said she practices them daily (later, Hanon too, probably more w/in my abilities).
Played a little piano, mostly half-assed read-throughs of Monk. “Composer’s piano” indeed.
Opened up the dining room table.
Went to Upland Starbucks. Schutt. Finished Pankey - the “spiritual exercises” aspect is pretty much a career constant, and it’s maybe a little predictable that (as of 2008), the selected ends with reflections on aging (“The Effigy I Call My Body”). More direct introspection than introspection-disguised-as-description by this point, vocabulary and density simplifies a bit. The last (loosely prosy) poem, “Deep River” has several good moments (“One can name a river without mapping it. One can map a river without naming it.”) on the way to resolution.
D/l’ed a p.d. edition of The Tragic Sense of Life so I don’t have to carry the book around.
Entered dates of upcoming Moma films in calendar. Caught up in poetry daybook (2 p.). It may have been a strategic mistake, at present, to use a notebook w/ relatively large pages/small lines, as I let this determine the length of entries, but I have written (or written down) a lot of material that might generate something since April.
Visit from Tony + Bill Lakow, and their kids (my 2nd cousins) Maria and William for lunch, 1-4. Mom enjoyed the company.
That was our main meal, so no set dinner plans. Went out from about 7-9:30 to a different, recently opened Starbucks near the 210. Worked on bridge draft.
Came home, read all but last story in Schutt, watched half of Dr. Kildare’s Victory (W.S. Van Dyke 1942). To bed before 11.


Up around 8. Did a few sit-ups — hardly anything, but I promised myself. I need to start going to the gym when I get back to NY.
Watched The Gay Diplomat (Richard Boleslawski 1931), w/ Ivan Lebeff, Genevieve Tobin.
Out around 11. Bought 2 shipping boxes, worked on the bridge piece at the Spot for a couple hrs., picked up prune juice for my dad.
Home around 2:30, prepped pot roast (cutting vegetables, browning), got it in the oven for Liz to watch an hr. later.
Took a ride to downtown Pomona, specifically the Glass House Record Store. Bought some vinyl, inc. reasonably priced ‘70s Arista jazz. Good store.
Stopped in 2 thrift stores on Holt on the way back, found nothing. Picked up salad for dinner.
Listened to the Numero Group comp. (Penny and Nickel labels, Chicago).
Dinner, Jeopardy. Finished Artistic License (took a few notes, not as helpful as I’d hoped) and a couple more stories in Schutt.
Watched Crime Wave (Andre de Toth 1952), w/ Sterling Hayden, Phyllis Kirk.
Started packing for Tuesday. Book and record purchases fit in one 12x12x12 - I’ve been conservative by the standards of some recent visits. Vinyl has to go in my checked back, always a risk. Leaving behind a few larger books that I won’t get to soon immediately
Glanced at my dad’s copy of The Tragic Sense of Life. I don’t really know what’s in that book.
Friend I was supposed to see Mon. cancelled b/c of family health issue (paralleling mine) - replied w/ condolences.
Watched SNL - bad. Lights out around 1, fell asleep to a dharma talk.


Up 7.
Took care of a business email.
Talked to Bree.
Lunch w/ Kyle in Rancho Cucamonga - stinky tofu, oyster pancake, and noodles at a Taiwanese place that I found on Yelp. The entire Archibald and Baseline strip mall is Asian restaurants/businesses, anchored by a market. Hadn’t been aware of the extent of the demographic change.
Stopped in the Mennonite thrift store, didn’t find anything.
Went to downtown Upland for a haircut, read 1st story in Schutt collection while waiting. B
Bought a CD of lesser-known Sousa at one of the antique malls. Meant to grab coffee, but just went home and napped until 4. Fell asleep during a podcast interview w/ Henry Threadgill - apparently 2 new CDs on Pi came out today. Hard to keep up w/ this stuff.
Listened to the UK beat-girl comp over the course of the day’s driving. Started one of the Numero Group Eccentric Soul comps.
Dinner, Jeopardy.
Went to Upland Starbucks a little after 8. Caught up on this, cleared email. Read to 150 in Artistic License (lost a day), next 2 stories in Schutt, 15 p. of Pankey.
Decided to get one beer, a vanilla/coconut stout with the latter to the fore, at Rescue Brewery in Upland - there are at least 5 bars down there now. Walked in around 11, as a band was packing up. Don’t imagine I missed a great discovery, judging by the guitarist’s control panel of a pedal board. Kept reading Pankey at the bar, unmolested.
Home before midnight, lights out soon after.


Up 6.
Read a bit of Artistic License.
Left a little after 10, hit traffic, parked several blocks away from my destination to Pasadena, made it to coffee w/ Julie Tannenbaum about 11:30.
Left there for downtown, had tacos at Grand Central Market, spent a while in The Last Bookstore: Mitchell Morris, The Persistence of Sentiment; Norman Corwin, Overkill and Megalove; Ronald Pearsall Popular Music of the ‘20s; We’ll Understand it Better By and By, ed. Bernice Johnson Reagon; Logic as Philosophy, ed. Peter T. Manicas.
Filled up the tank on the way to Amoeba: Dr. John, Gris-Gris; Ellington “Private Collection” studio sessions v. 1, Back Room Romp (50s small groups), The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse; Ala.Ni, You and I, The New Thing box (16 album/10 CD cheapie w/ Cecil, Ornette, Sun Ra, Lacy/Cherry, Teddy Charles; Luttoslawski, Polish Carols + songs; Blue Aeroplanes, Cavaliers; Rzewski, The People United…; Kathleen Supove, The Debussy Effect, OCR Black Nativity (nice to have on CD, w/ extra Alex Bradford + Marion Williams tracks); Henry Threadgill & Make a Move, Everybody’s Mouth’s a Book; Robert Wyatt, Solar Flares Burn For You; But Yesterday Is Not Today (New World Records LP of 20th c. U.S. art song); Christine Schutt, A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer (short stories).
From there to Westwood, looked around in the Hammer Museum bookstore (attractive but pricey - complete plays of Guy de Cointet runs $60, for example; resisted). Read the first 20 p. or so of Roxanne Gay, Hunger.
Waited around for Jennifer Moxley’s reading - read Artistic License until Diane Ward showed up. Good reading - partly from the very recent Druthers, partly poems written since, and a couple of sections from a prose book, supposedly about poets and birds, that looks to be a kind of sequel to The Middle Room; one was a memoir of Creeley, in which “The Maine Stein Song” came up.
Dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant on the reading series sponsors (the museum and the UCLA English Dept., in the person of host Stephen Yenser). J + Steve, Aaron Kunin, Joseph Mosconi, Brian Kim Stefans, some of Yenser’s family and a couple of other people from the dept. Reminded me of going out after a philosophy colloquium.
Gave AK a ride home, talked about his upcoming book about George Herbert. Home about 1, straight to bed.
Day’s car listening: rest of the drama cues CD, third disc of Triplicate, Tsunami Brilliant Mistake (ambitious, complicated record - I replayed and sang along w/ “Poodle” 3x), St. Vincent Masseduction (an object lesson in inconsistent messaging). Maybe something else?


Up 6. Read about 20 p. of Artistic License.
Errands — cash, Kinko’s, cold cuts. Stopped in a thrift store on Foothill, found a CD of supposedly rare Hank Williams demos (I don’t know the material, anyway), and a copy of Dakota Days, a book on Lennon/Ono.
Home briefly.
Met Jonathan for lunch at Meat Cellar - gave him the Norman Mailer record. Good talk. Picked up his kids from school, went back to the house, said hi to Amy on her way out, hung for another couple hrs. + did 15-20 min. of card tricks for the kid. Surprisingly, I think they were most impressed by Paul Harris’ “Las Vegas Leaper,” which I probably underrate.
Went to Penny Lane in Upland on the way home - picked up a Cedar Walton dis, Amy Rigby, Middlessence, an LP of John Work songs, and an early ECM LP of Dave Holland/Derek Bailey improv. All cheap except the last.
Home at 5:30. A few business emails. Quota of Artistic License. Arranged to have dinner early so I could go to Pasadena.
Drove out about 7. Listened to the end of 2nd disc of Bob Dylan, Triplicate (1st was yesterday) and about 1/2 of a strange CD of late-’1950s UK “jazz” cues for TV drama, w/ titles like “Johnny Ubiquitous.”
Stopped at Canterbury, bought 2 discs of Lutowski’s orchestra music, which I’ve become curious about, and a 1965 Roscoe Mitchell quartet (pre-Sound, only recently released).
Sasha Berliner et al at Battery - vibes/gtr/bass/drums/vocal quintet. Some of it was a bit jazz-program-studenty, tunes by Chick Corea, Esperanza Spauliding. 2nd set both straighter and looser - nice bass/vocal duo version of “My Romance,” one chorus, and a solo vibes piece by Berliner. Caught up, and then some, in poetry daybook during music.
Bought the Robert Wyatt bio I’d seen yesterday. Dan Clucas didn’t make it, wrote me later. Rich West gave me a CD of a disc he’d produced for Eugene Chadbourne. He also had copies of Chadbourne’s 1178-page (!) memoir.
Listened to Fresh Air on the way back. Stopped for a hot dog at the Hat drive-thru - sheer self-indulgence.
Home 11, lights out soon after.

Skipped Pankey today. Work (writing) hasn't been taking center stage for a few days - too much running around, both for my parents and myself.