Up 9:00. Weight 215.8.

Ran through Allen’s songs tonight, transcribed a few lyrics. Made a bass chart for “Going to Fontana” for Mon. rehearsal. Coffee: daybook, 10 p. of Banias. (Has not impressed me past the first 1/3; a shaming poem called “Enough” is particularly bad.) Bought a new toner cartridge (+ one of the superfine red pens I like), took phone in for new battery.  Dominican parade on 37th Ave.

Home for a while, at Oracle about 3. Finished the bit on “I Ain’t Got Nobody,” started next section on “Ja-Da” (from a previous draft). Left for WFMU about 5:45. Weekend train/shuttle bus mishegoss added time; finished Jasen & Jones (ends w/ Fats Waller; useable quote from Dizzy Gillespie on the bridge of “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”) Listened to Ike Turner, Rhythm’ Rockin’ Blues, comp of ‘50s work. Almost all 12-bar, somewhere between Louis Jordan and Chess. Slightly later material on Cobra is more varied.

Met Allen and his friend Scooter who drove him up from Philly at the station at 7:30, on Gaylord’s show about an hr. later. Allen did a good interview, I interjected a few times. Played “Be Positive,” “Issac’s Shadow,” “State Trooper” (bringing in the riff behind Allen’s reading and going straight into the song – spur of the moment, but it worked) and “Bicycle.” Solid. PATH/subway home, another chunk of Bullies, now into the part that emphasizes Oakland history over the immediate motorcycle club narrative. Home 11, dithered a bit, lights out 12:30.