Up 6. Watched Strange Powers, the Stephin/MF doc. Went out at 8, read another 1/3 of Meitner. Wrote 500 words about "Always Chasing Rainbows." Had lunch in Claremont w/ Dan Clucas and two other UHS Jazz Band members I hadn't seen since the 1980s. Dropped by the town library, bought LPs of Berg, Wozzeck and Dvorak, Slavonic Dances in the book/media sale room; same at Upland, found a CD set of Die Meistersinger, and some Philip Glass. Read about 1/3 of J.B. Jackson, Landscapes; mid-60s essays on urbanism/planning. Not bad - nice sense of historical changes in American attitudes toward our environments, urban and natural alike. Went out again after dinner to return the movie and poke around Rhino. Listened to Disc 2 of the Anna Records set and David Nagler's Carl Sandburg record (having now heard some of the material live 3 or 4 times, it really holds up; it may by the best-realized record by a 'peer' I've heard in some time.) Lights out 10.