Up 7. Went to coffee: read another Wharton story (a light satire on pseudo-intellectual club ladies) and wrote a poem (strictly speaking, yesterday's) for the daybook based on a passage in Landscapes. Worked for a couple of hours on "Always Chasing Rainbows" (though I'm not sure whether the Harry Fox who first recorded it - as opposed to the composer of record Harry Carroll - is the individual after whom the Harry Fox Agency was named; he may, however, have invented the fox-trot). Met Bree and parents for birthday lunch at BC Cafe; dad gave me a copy of Bruce Springsteen's memoir (a funny choice, in a way, given that I haven't bought or read Elvis Costello's). Bree and I went on to the Goodwill bookstore on Foothill, Penny Lane, and the bank. Books purchased:

Rap Music & Hip Hop Culture, 2nd ed., Richard Mook ed.
Beckett the Shape Changer: a Symposium, ed. Katharine Worth
Nicholas Thomas, Possessions: Indigenous Art/Colonial Culture
Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Inevitable Illusions: How Mistakes of Reason Rule Our Minds


Liquid Liquid, Slip In And Out of Phenomenon
Billy Bragg, The Internationale (deluxe)
v/a Anthology of Boogie-Woogie Piano (2CD on a Czech label)
v/a A Piano Anthology (from Jelly Roll Morton to Bill Evans)
v/a Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents: The Fire of the Fundamentals

Charles Rosen, Beethoven Piano Sonatas 26-27.
Mighty Sparrow in London
George Shearing/Dakota Staton, In the Night
v/a Stompin' 17 (R&P comp w/ Jesse Stone cut, 'Woo Woo' Moore)
Luis Bonfa/Don Burrows Brazil
Pearl Bailey, For Adult Listening
4 "Co-Star" LPs ft. Basil Rathbone, George Raft, Arlene Dahl, Vincent Price [Bree's purchase]

Cyndi Lauper "All Through the Night"/"Witness" 45 (for non-LP b-side)

Came home about 5, finished Landscapes; made plans to see Ted Apel tomorrow. Eventually took Bree to gym, wrote in daybook, Started Robyn Schiff, A Woman of Property. Strange book, "well-written" but more diffuse than I expected. Came home and watched Always Leave Them Laughing (Roy Del Ruth 1949), w/ Milton Berle, Virginia Mayo, Ruth Roman, Bert Lahr - and Max Showalter. Lights out 11.