Up 7. Weight 214.

Morning/afternoon: rotated among home and coffee, reading, correspondence, and napping. Other than daybook, no attempt to write. Read 50 p. Pollack (genesis/initial production of Porgy & Bess, no great surprises compared to other bios), 75 p. Beatty, and about 1/3 of Keith Waldrop, Windfall Losses (1972, not sure where I picked this up). Wrote to a couple of the people involved w/ David's show last night, printed out the mechanical licenses for the WFH covers, got CDs together to submit to Wes Stace/Cabinet of Wonders. Met Brian Macpherson for dinner in my neighborhood at 6:30. Listened to most of Matana Roberts, Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee (vocal-over-treated/sculpted sounds - the extended AACM family never fails to surprise) on the way to meet some folks at Brazenhead. Good talk - mainly politics. Listened to 2 Steps + extra tracks on the train back home, as I have to get cracking on the liner notes. Home quite late, lights out past 2.