Up around 6. Went to Starbucks at 7, dealt with some email, long post to a listserv. Listened to Schubert on train (I don’t know these pieces’ form, it’s just pleasant), had another coffee, daybook poem. Therapy, better than last week. Couldn’t go to a library – Columbus Day. Browsed at Bookculture, bought remainders of Margo Jefferson, Negroland;  David Treece, Brazilian Jive; Henri Poincare, Science and Method, Samuel Charters, The Legacy of the Blues. Passed over, among other things, Linda Simon, Lost Girls: The Invention of the Flapper (new – might have to see if it comes into the Strand). On train home, read in Prelude through a couple of Keston Sutherland sound-alikes (students?) – Ed Luker and Stuart Carlton, a section of Irish poetry that was largely more conservative than the rest of the magazine, though not nec. bad; standoud poems by Alfric McGlinchey and Cal Doyle. Home about 3:30, zoned out and watched card magic videos, ordered some light bulbs for Bree, checked in w/ Matt and Brandon about a rehearsal. Left 6:30, put on Schubert and started Caroline Levine, Forms on the train. Her conception of form (literary, but much broader than that) isn’t quite the primarily musical one I’m using, but several of her general claims apply. She naturalizes things a bit (forms are just there), and I think it’s overselling to claim that her book’s aim is radical social change. Went to hear Ethan Iverson and Orrin Evans (who’s replacing him in the Bad Plus) play a two-piano all Monk set at Greenwich House Music School on Barrow. Pretty great: not highly rehearsed, so not always in perfect sync but always going somewhere, generally aggressive (only one ballad). Individually – Iverson, though good and so sincere about the jazz piano tradition it hurts, does sometimes sound (and look) as though he’s working pretty hard to keep it together. Evans seemed as though he had less to prove, and often laid down grooves or played very simply and forcefully, but could also bring it. Set list was something like “I Mean You,” “Friday the 13th, “Shuffle Boil“ “Bye-Ya,” “Monk’s Mood,” “Misterioso,” “Straight, No Chaser,” maybe a couple more. Walked around looking for somewhere to have dinner tomorrow near Le Poisson Rouge. Finished intro to Levine on train home, switched to Margo Jefferson’s memoir. Hope 11, lights out midnight.