Up at 7, went out for a bit and started a response to Steph. Burt’s “lyric” talk (not to publish, just a correspondence I owe him out of courtesy). Came back to meet Bree and a neighbor to take some of the building’s junk to an Electronics Disposal Day at the post office – of course, it started raining as we pushed handtrucks 4 blocks. Rested for a while, then had another more arduous round of same, loading 6 TVs into cars. Done w/ that by 1. Went out for a bit, read another 50 p. of Monson, wrote daybook poem. Came home and did some minor tasks, figured out key I want to sing “Keeping the Weekend Free” in with Dylan Hicks. Tried to look at an issue of Poetry from a couple years back I picked up somewhere, couldn’t get traction. Watched a 10 min. video about the making of Trout Mask Replica, got involved in a couple of lecture videos by composer/music theorist Samuel Andreyev, analyzing, respectively, Webern’s Op. 19 (a rarely heard work I’m pretty sure I heard performed downtown last month), and Tom Waits’ “Underground.” Laura came over about 5 to rehearse Chickfactor set for next Sat. – mostly originals I’ve played w/ her a number of times, plus “Indoor Fireworks,” “Love Vigilantes,” and possibly a new one. She threw out the idea of having Pete Galub play gtr on a few, so we called him, and he’s in. They’ll practice separately. Went back out for a last cup of coffee, read Jennifer Bartlett, (a) lullaby without any music [I also read this in MS several years back], worked a bit on “Viable” lyrics (which I’ve been doing off and on, may have started to crack it, transition out of ¾ bridge back into what I intend to be a pretty straight power-pop main section will be tricky musically), started Alexander Kluge, Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome. Maybe a documentary-styled novella about the destruction of human society after an interstellar war isn’t what I should be reading right now, but hey. Came back at 9:30. Finally transcribed Brandon’s bassline at the end of “Believe in Ghosts” so I can arrange something (Chamberlain?) over it.