Up at 8. Wasted time online, left by 10, mailed a CD to Jack Silbert, got coffee and read Ellis (I don’t know why I’ve interrupted Monson and Kluge for this fairly bad book, it just seems like something I can polish off and forget, except as an example of a running strand of hidebound reaction to the political motivations of the contemporary humanities. It’s weird, the book is from 1997 but would be about the same if written today – seems like there’s just a standoff, except that the exponents of traditional views are dying off.) Decided against the library, went no further than Lucid in Woodside, got another coffee, worked on book from 11:30-3. Added another 1000 words that need heavy editing but are at least in the right order, feel like I need one last paragraph before I make another pass over the whole section to get into shape (and proportion). Unsuccessful attempts to call the Kitchen (for Raincoats tix) and my dad. Came back, ran into Bree on the corner, watched a bit of the local kids’ Halloween parade together. Went home, rested and read a bit. Dad called back w/ some bad news (not medical, but not general readers’) that screws up some of my plans for the next year or more; told him so frankly. Distressing. Finally found the last box of copies of The Accordion Repertoire in our storage space. Went out for an hr, got back into Monson (interesting discussion of Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” – some of the usual “destroying the standards” cant, but more measured and detailed than many). Came back, figured out the weird additive-rhythm to PJ’s “Dress” for rehearsal tomorrow, rehearsed a few songs I might play in Hudson. Got involved in a fb thread about Big Dipper w/ three of its members. Lights out by midnight, listened to a relationship podcast I’m embarrassed to name.

[James Brown “Ain’t That a Groove” to Fats Domino, “Ain’t That a Shame.”]