Up at 8. Read Otis on train to UES. Coffee, therapy (rescheduled b/c of recording). Lunch, worked on intro from about 1:30 to 5 at coffee place nearby. Bought decent looking but fairly inexpensive dress shoes, and socks, at Designer Shoe Warehouse on B’way/79th—my last pair, which I think were my dad’s that I had repaired, were past repair. To LES, met Dylan Hicks and his wife Nina at his show at Piano’s (upstairs). Solo piano set (they used to have a real one) – quite good w/ funny, self-deprecating banter to boot. Tough room for something quiet – you can hear the bar music bleeding from downstairs. Fortunately, more than a dozen people showed up, inc. Robert Christgau and Carola Dibbell, whom I talked with afterwards. Left during the next act, a hip-hop duo w/ “Fuck the world, I take what I want” as their first chorus. Train back to JH, stopped in Starbucks to buy some gum and look at the MS again. Haven’t been listening to music for the last couple days b/c I’m mostly thinking about the songs I’ll play tomorrow. Came home, relearned “Nick Cave” on guitar.