Woke up early, got out by 7:30, did poetry daybook, wrote up some comments on the Pop Conference papers prior to the next round of voting. Came home, read a chunk of Hiss and napped 2-4. Did a few things around the house, went back out at 5:30, dealt w/ some email at E77, started reading again, but left when I realized that it was open mic poetry night; moved on to Café Bene, kept alternating between reading and doing this and that online. Came back while Bree was out, didn’t do much for a while but eventually listened to Jean Carroll, Girl In a Hot Steam Bath (one of the first stand-up comedy albums by a woman), filled the new “book”case with CDs that have been sitting in piles in the bedroom, helped Bree put some things away and replace a curtainrod that had fallen down. Listened to some of the rough mixes – should send to the rest of the band. Stayed up to almost 2, not doing anything useful. May have forgotten something, but overall a dithery day – didn’t write, should have tried harder to finish Hiss so I can move on.