Up 7:30, read a bit of Martin Eden, got out to Coffee Klatch, 9-11:30 – instead of the book, had to write abstract for my PopCon talk. Went ok, could be shorter, I think the last line makes my point clear. Came home, updated finances etc., read quota of ME, napped. Two hours at work on bridges at Starbucks, picked up a prescription for Mom at CVS, did a little shopping. After dinner, went ahead and finished ME – I was sort of shocked that the stanza of Swinburne he reads/quotes to get himself psyched up for suicide, which ends “even the weariest river/Winds somewhere to safe to sea” must be the source for “Weary River,” a 1929 movie song that Poor Baby Bree did in the first version of her act. Lights out around 11.