Up 6. Read about 20 p. of Artistic License.
Errands — cash, Kinko’s, cold cuts. Stopped in a thrift store on Foothill, found a CD of supposedly rare Hank Williams demos (I don’t know the material, anyway), and a copy of Dakota Days, a book on Lennon/Ono.
Home briefly.
Met Jonathan for lunch at Meat Cellar - gave him the Norman Mailer record. Good talk. Picked up his kids from school, went back to the house, said hi to Amy on her way out, hung for another couple hrs. + did 15-20 min. of card tricks for the kid. Surprisingly, I think they were most impressed by Paul Harris’ “Las Vegas Leaper,” which I probably underrate.
Went to Penny Lane in Upland on the way home - picked up a Cedar Walton dis, Amy Rigby, Middlessence, an LP of John Work songs, and an early ECM LP of Dave Holland/Derek Bailey improv. All cheap except the last.
Home at 5:30. A few business emails. Quota of Artistic License. Arranged to have dinner early so I could go to Pasadena.
Drove out about 7. Listened to the end of 2nd disc of Bob Dylan, Triplicate (1st was yesterday) and about 1/2 of a strange CD of late-’1950s UK “jazz” cues for TV drama, w/ titles like “Johnny Ubiquitous.”
Stopped at Canterbury, bought 2 discs of Lutowski’s orchestra music, which I’ve become curious about, and a 1965 Roscoe Mitchell quartet (pre-Sound, only recently released).
Sasha Berliner et al at Battery - vibes/gtr/bass/drums/vocal quintet. Some of it was a bit jazz-program-studenty, tunes by Chick Corea, Esperanza Spauliding. 2nd set both straighter and looser - nice bass/vocal duo version of “My Romance,” one chorus, and a solo vibes piece by Berliner. Caught up, and then some, in poetry daybook during music.
Bought the Robert Wyatt bio I’d seen yesterday. Dan Clucas didn’t make it, wrote me later. Rich West gave me a CD of a disc he’d produced for Eugene Chadbourne. He also had copies of Chadbourne’s 1178-page (!) memoir.
Listened to Fresh Air on the way back. Stopped for a hot dog at the Hat drive-thru - sheer self-indulgence.
Home 11, lights out soon after.

Skipped Pankey today. Work (writing) hasn't been taking center stage for a few days - too much running around, both for my parents and myself.