Sleep schedule still off. 
Managed to go to gym around 11, but needed a nap after.
Read quota of Keene (I like an “Account of My Hut,” circa 13th c.).
Copied two poems from yesterday in the right notebook, listened to Lasalle Quartet, string quartets by Penderecki and Mayuzumi (flip of the Lutoslawski). 
Went to Caffe Bene, wrote 500 words, I guess the ending of the bridge piece, from about 4:30-5:15. Time to start revising tomorrow.
Wild Girl (Raoul Walsh 1931) w/ Joan Bennett, Charles Farrell, Ralph Bellamy, Eugene Palette. Based on a Bret Harte story, filmed in the Sequoias.
Read to p. 100 of Copyrights/wrongs on the train, both ways. Interesting to learn that Griffith’s film of Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona was probably American cinema’s first licensed adaptation of a literary work.
Home before 10, read most of Julie Agoos, Property in bed. Better than a later book I’ve read by her; the middle section, “Deposition,” in the form of a courtroom transcript, is remarkable.
Lights out around 11:30.