Up 6:30. Read a bit of Keene.
Worked on “Route 66,” made a chart.
Left at 10 for rehearsal - almost went to the wrong studio before I saw an email from Laura. Read Fronsdal, The Issue at Hand, en route.
Played w/ Boo, Jeremy, Kenny Kosek, Laura at Euphoria, 11-2. Amy Alison came in for her 2 songs, and Robin Goldwasser for “Funnel of Love” (we spent a long time deciding how to interpret the changes on that one). Productive, still some woodshedding to do tomorrow.
Got lunch, read quota of Keene at a branch of Cafe Grumpy in the 30s, came up to MoMa for Rackety Rax (Werker 1923), w/ Victor McLagen - a gangster/college football comedy, and in its way an effective satire on both. Ends w/ the main character and his rival blowing up in a car. Wrote in daybook beforehand, and during break between movies.
2nd feat. - Trick After Trick (Hamilton McFadden 1933 - but highly dependent on John Cameron Menzies’ design and effects). Old-dark-house mystery w/ dueling magicians and over-the-top performances.
Home 9, sketched out a few more charts for tomorrow. Lights out 11.