Up around 7.
Read some of The Mao Case.
Discussion about family matters w/ dad.
Went out about 11, stopped in Huntley Bookstore (near the library). A shadow of its former self, but noted paperback of Ed Palvic’s book on improvisation, and that Robert von Hallberg’s book on lyric poetry has sections on Johnny Mercer and doo-wop. Also Sean McCrea’s In The Language of My Captor, which I’d like to read.
Worked at Honnold, about noon-4.
Had 1 beer with Evan Kindley and Aaron Kunin at the Press.
Home around 6:30. Dinner, Jeopardy, no good reason to go out. Dull evening; started watching Chase a Crooked Shadow (Michael Anderson 1958), w/ Anne Baxter - low-budget psychological suspense shot in Spain - but got drowsy before 11.