Up 9. Slow morning (I did have three drinks last night).
Went to E77 at 10:30, finished Vaidhyanathan and Keene, chatted briefly w/ Macgregor and Kristin.
Home at 1, meditated 10 min.
Despite a library/writing plan(we shall start afresh tomorrow, June 1), stayed in while Bree was out in the afternoon. Read parts of another book on Vipassana meditation. (Do you want to know what I actually think about this practice or the metaphysics that is supposed to be behind it — or, for that matter, the cultural fortunes of “Western Buddhism”? It’s much too early to say. I do know I have little desire to read the evo-psych books on the subject.)
Also tried to work on organization/a general to-do list. Made me anxious.
After Bree came home, we had a long, serious talk about our plans for the rest of the year, our developing financial situation, and some things that I need to help her with around the house (hanging curtains, etc.). I felt good about it.
Went out to E77 a little before 8, had 1 beer - a coconut-almond porter, less cloying than the coconut-vanilla one I had in Upland. Made something of a to-do list after all, not complete but petered out after 35 items.
Read a review of a new miscellany of Barthes’ unpublished writings.
Chatted with Ken L. Some kind of Columbian festival across the street - chiming, almost gamelan-ish music, although I could detect I/V movement. In E77, listened to a bit of a pleasant but very unprepossessing singer-songwriter.
Ordered books by Joy Metta and Charles Johnson, and a CD of the UK musical Cranks.