Up at 6. Went to Caffe Bene at 8, worked on taxes (complete except for a few details) and revised midterm. Wish my printer worked. Came back and read 20+ p. of W&P and 30 or so of Brecht. Finished McMorris — I didn’t love everything, but there are some very strong poems toward the end (inc. the last, fittingly title “The Last City”) which are sufficient payoff for the graphic conceits of the first half. It’s pretty evident that the “Letters to Michael” are in conversation w/ Palmer, and there’s a similar high-modernist cosmopolitanism to some of MM’s writing, refracted through a post-colonial lens that may be relevant to MP as well, though it’s not how I think of him. Spent the afternoon in Flushing eating dumplings w/ Jenny + Brian and Jean + David + Leonard, and Tomeka Reid, whom I’ll also be seeing in Knoxville next week. Nice, but the walking took a lot out of Bree. Read DeVeaux on the train back, bought a replacement belt at the Banana Republic outlet, spent an hr. or two not doing much, went out to E77, encountered a shockingly good arty jazz quartet led by one Aaron Novik, a bass clarinetist/composer who lives nearby and has a few records, inc. one on Tzadik. Apparently he plays about once a month, but I hadn’t encountered him before. The bassist was Lisa Mezzacappa, whose name I’d heard from Dan Clucas, so I said hi. Also chatted w/ Macgregor. Read to p. 400 or so of DeVeaux, did the Sunday Times puzzle - which I hadn’t in years and was surprised I could complete (I don’t think it was an unusually hard one). Home, wrote to Jenny about 4/15 show, put together dropbox folder of mp3s/charts for the show, mainly so Tom Shad can learn the set.