Woke up before 6, listened to the rest of the R. Flack best-of. “Back Together Again” (one of many Donny Hathaway duets) has a great live-disco arrangement I should keep in mind for “Breath on My Cheek.” W+P. Started Viv Albertine, To Throw Away Unopened. Cleaned up, put on a CD of obscure Sousa orchestral works — “The Dwellers in the Western World” (1910) in three movements: “The Red Men,” “The White Men,” The Black Men” (w/ a cakewalk section) and “Three Quotations” (1895), followed by songs from a musical “Teddy and Alice” (about the Roosevelts) for which a modern composer (the conductor) and lyrics adapted Sousa tunes. Competent - the attempt to set “Stars & Stripes Together” as a campaign speech is interesting. Left with Bree a little after 10; rest of the day was devoted to personal activities, not represented here. Had a break at 1 point at read 30 p. Coolidge: “that poem was actually a blues with a bridge” (86!) Home around 10:00, prepped some things for tomorrow, read to about p. 50 in Albertine before bed. Lights out just before midnight.