Up 6. Not running around so much today. Breakfast, visited w/ dad, watched an episode of Law and Order. Finished Ravitch around noon. Spent another hr. or so getting the rest of dad’s tax materials in order. Called Bree. Went out at 2:30, found a few things at Upland Library book sale + worked through some email at Rad Coffee. Read about 1/2 of Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Meadow Slasher, “Book 4 of the No Volta pentalogy,” per a baleful front-matter note. Home at 5, played a bit from Bartok’s Mikroksomos. Dinner, Jeopardy w/ dad. Read craft interview w/ Maxine Kumin from a book of same, based on transcribed tapes of Pearl London’s class at the New School. (Both this and the Wilkinson from Claremont library - where I also found the 3-song CD-5 of NPB’s “Swivelchair,” of which I’m not sure I still have a copy.) JL cancelled evening plans; quite tired, in bed just after 9.