May 18

Up 6.
Finished Gunnhild Øyehaug, Knots.
Read 50 or so p. of The Ten Thousand Leaves v. 1, trans. Ian Hideo Levy, and part of the introduction.
Read about 100 p. of Jarrett Earnest, What It Means to Write About Art (interviews w/ critics).
Listen to one side of an LP reissue of Amos Milburn sides (postwar R&B), and most of the 1st disc of a Curtis Mayfield collection.
Forced myself to work down through inbox, dealing with every email in order, for an hr. Have to do this until it’s manageable.
Listened to an interview w/ Jay Garfield, a Western expert/advocate on the Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna. He’s the guy who co-wrote the controversial NYT/Stone piece on non-Western philosophy; given N.’s views on contradiction and the division of logical space (or G.’s interpetation thereof), it’s not surprising that he’s in Graham Priest’s cohort.
Went to St. Michael’s cemetery for their annual Scott Joplin tribute (not birthday); walked from Jackson Heights, about 40 min., but had a hard time finding a place to cross the BQE, so missed Edward Berlin’s talk. Enjoyed the band, the Uptown Ramblers, nonetheless — nice mix of Joplin, other period music inc. waltzes played straight and ragged, the clarinetist’s vocal turns on “You Tell Me Your Dream, I’ll Tell You Mine” and “If You Were the Only Girl in the World,” the pianist’s solo "Carolina Shout,” and the final graveside performance of “Maple Leaf Rag.” Met up w/ Jay Sherman-Godfrey, Paul Lukas, their partners and Renee and Mary, and another couple who brought a thermos of cocktails.
Got home about 6, rested for a while, did some of the reading above later in the evening.
Lights out 11.