May 20

Up about 6.
Read Moten, Myles, and Molly Nesbit interviews in Earnest (no pun intended).
Watched (started last night) Listen Up Philip (Alex Ross Perry 2014). Don’t think his style and concerns are for me.
Left at 10, worked on email for an hr at coffee.
Therapy; changed day/time starting next week.
Took notes on several (previously read, overdue) books at Lincoln Ctr. Library, 2-6: Ira Gerswhin, Lyrics on Several Occassions, Jeffrey Melnick, A Right to Sing the Blues, Gerald Bordman’s Youmans bio, Jack Sullivan, New World Symphonies, and the passages on song form in Gerald Mast, Can’t Help Singin’. Paid fines and returned those and other books, renewed Edward Berlin’s little ragtime research monograph and Roholt, Groove. A pretty concentrated 4 hrs. of work, if not “writing.”
Scrabble at Jean Cook’s (David was at a co-op meeting, their son Leonard spent the evening being Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony), her neighbor Jeannine + her junior-high age son Gabe, and Steve Silverstein. Took some cheese and dried fruit from the renovated Essex Market. Listened to a couple of Rogerio Duprat LPs (brass arrangements of mid-to-late 19th c. Brazilian instrumental music), Henry Threadgill, and a “spectralist” setting of Un coup de des (don’t recall composer).
Train home. Listened to Mayfield/Impressions off and on during the day.