june 13

Slow one. Up around 9:30 (at least I slept through the night). Got coffee, finished Fukuyama (breezy) and read a longish Greene story, “In the Basement,” which was the basis for the screenplay for The Fallen Idol. Came back, listened to the rest of that Forster interview. Printed Schramms charts, added to folder for previous shows. Put in 30 min. on the F&C charts. Tried to tidy up. Took a corner bookcase, an ugly leftover from the apt.’s previous owner, out for pick-up. Listened to a lesser-known Billy Strayhorn LP, Cue for Saxophone (1959). Pleasing Ellingtonia, w/ Hodges, clarinetist Russell Procope, others, but not a vehicle for Strayhorn’s deepest original music - ends with “Rose Room.” Left around 5:30, listened to 2nd disc of Coltrane Bethlehem set, mainly outtakes, worked on Cook/Dunbar grafs in think for an hr. and change. Went to the Stone to see Myra Melford/Tomeka Reid/Mary Halvorson, but it was sold out (only about 10 min. before show), so I looked around in the Strand for a bit, bought an urban theory journal and a book of poems from the dollar racks, went back to Think for another 30 min. - they closed at 10. Read a chapter of John Shepard and Peter Wick, Music and Cultural Theory. They like structuralism. Lights out around 12:30.