july 15

Up 7. Went out early to read 60 p. of Green. Back about 9:30. Set up new keyboard, stood old on up against a wall in my office for electronics disposal at a later date. A couple of small chores for Bree; I have a list of to-dos before leaving for CA Sat. Watched more of Che pt. II while eating lunch. Went to Lincoln Ctr. Library around 1. There aren’t any books about Marion Harris. At the point w/ this section where it feels baggy and confused. In any case, it’s 3K words as of leaving at nearly 8. Read the Bert Williams book on the train, both ways. Touched on the horns in the evening. Finished the Che movie. Did a little packing. Bought Mekons tix for CA. Lights out around midnight. [Sorry I’m saying less of interest; I’m wearing down again, will probably stop at the end of the month.]