jul 5

Up around 8. Slow morning, but worked on horns for an hr. around 11-noon. Tried to scare up someone for my extra ticket to see the Mighty Sparrow tomorrow. Went to the store for Bree. To Lincoln Center by 3, worked ’til 6. Did, in fact, listen to A Jackson in Your House. Mitchell’s vocal contributions (on the title track, about his cat, and a “crick crack” section give off a very different vibe than his present-day demeanor). Took some time to find a file w/ excised sections of introduction. Checked out two of Jasen’s facsimile collections of 1910s sheet music. Bought a new phone charging cord, got an ice cream, came home. Started reading Prismatic Publics, ed. Kate Eichhorn and Heather Milne, an anthology of interviews and selected work by Canadian innovative/experimental women poets - picked it up at a bookstall on Union Square a couple months ago. Finished that at home — sections on Nicole Brossard and Susan Holbrook (new to me - interestingly playful writer, has a N+7-ish piece based on tampon instructions). Read another chapter of AEC book, covering their ‘70s activities. Not up to much after 10 - fooled around on some standards on piano, read 15 p. or so of Herman Rappaport, The Theory Mess: Deconstruction in Eclipse, which looks to be a defense against d’s (and D’s) American reception. Pub’d 2001, things have moved on, esp. politically, not sure why I want to read this now. Put on the New World Records CD of Joe Jordan’s music (reconstructed by the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra) - fell asleep after a couple of instrumental rags, should listen w/ concentration.