jun 3

Up for a while around 3:30 - found a pdf of “I Ain’t Got Nobody” and looked up the other version on Google Books, though printing it from there is useless, ordered the Eileen Southern festschrift on interlibrary loan. Back to bed, up at 10:30. Bree is tired, residual sore throat from anesthesia tube, but basically ok. Read the last bit of Lee in bed. Went to coffee, finished Malech and wrote page/poem. Home at about noon. Concentrated effort to shrink email inbox; also changed my flight to CA, which took a long time on the phone. Some thought of going to library, but never quite got it together - by 2 or 3 it seemed like too much effort. Went to E77 about 4, kept at the current section. Got back at 6 to wait for grocery delivery. Read to p. 60 of Paul Steinbeck’s Art Ensemble of Chicago book; background chapters, some overlap w/ Lewis’ AACM tome, but much of interest — several members were in Army bands, most had reasonably serious mainstream chops (and gigs) before coming into the Abrams/Experimental Band orbit; had not realized how pro Lester Bowie and Fontella Bass were (she had other R&B hits besides “Rescue Me,” and did soda pop jingles). More email, trying to schedule picking up my Korg piano and repaired Princeton amp. Started Devin Johnson, Mosses and Lichens - well-wrought and not as slight as I’d imagined. A poem involving a Somali neighbor comes off badly (or at least would be ammunition for detractors). Stopped at a longer poem “from Ovid,” which I don’t have the stomach for tonight.Touched on horn chart. Watched the rest of Che (the first half, that is). Lights out 11.