Up 10. (Stayed up past posting last night, worked on Works from Home liner notes.) Weight 214.8. (Surprised, after lunch yesterday; this is the rolling average, down 5 lbs. since returning from CA exactly a month ago.)

Read Brown on train. “Cabaret” is a particularly powerful poem that takes apart the 1927 pop song “Muddy Water” (by white composer Peter DeRose and lesser-known black lyricist Jo Trent). Worked at coffee nearby then at Oracle, 1 to 8 or so with breaks. Revising and tightening discussions of pre-1920 AABA; still need refs. Also discovered (this is both good and bad), another racialized rag-era song I should cover, “Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes” (1900, Hughie Cannon). Maybe I should take out “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis.” You’d really think this would go faster.

Distracted after about 8 by checking pre-debate news. Pure id at this point. Didn’t get to Gates or Lethem today.