Up 10. Weight 215.1.

Too late to do much of substance before lunch plans. Tried to mail a package; line too long. Tidied up w/ Bree, put on the boogie-woogie comp. I bought last week. Yancey, Ammons, “Pinetop’s Boogie.” No “Carolina Shout.” Jenny and Brian picked us up around 1, drove out for Szechuan in College Park. Dilapidated thrift-store down the block: picked up ($1/item) Big Black’s Rich Man’s 8-Track compilation (it’s not that I need a steady diet of crisis-of-masculinity rock; I’ve been thinking that this election has been like a bad Albini song), 3 Morrissey CD singles (w/ his good “That’s Entertainment” cover and other b-sides that I’m sure are collected somewhere), and the Clifford D. Simak novel Project Pope, which I used to see on SF shelves as a kid. Back to our neighborhood, loaded the digital piano I’d found for Jenny on Craigslist on into their car (this was the impetus for the visit); done by 3:30. Read 50 p. of Lethem, considered going to Oracle, but settled for Espresso 77. No laptop use there on weekends; read Gates and Brown, wrote in daybook, chatted w/ Macgregor & Kristin; walked back w/ them around 7:30 and returned an acoustic gtr that had ended up at our place. Cleaned up email for a while, otherwise unproductive (and uninteresting).

Mingus w/ Dolphy, Byard, “Take the A Train”