Up 9. Weight 215.1.

Out about 11, started Jonathan Lethem's new A Gambler's Anatomy, over coffee/on the way to Oracle. Worked from 1-6; dug in on 5 or so grafs about “Daisy Bell” and Will Marion Cook. Improved, not quite there. Listened to Walt Dickerson, To My Queen (1962) on the way to the Community Church on 35th for AACM show. Solo piano/vocal set by Amina Claudia Meyers; broadly interpreted versions of “Steal Away,” “Motherless Child” and others, with a block of Taylor/Abrams-style improv in the middle. Solid gospel player – she’s been doing it for decades. After intermission, Roman Filiu Quintet, w/ a sax/trumpet front line, interesting pianist, bassist swallowed up by the boomy room, Gerald Cleaver on drums. Solos maybe not on fire, but the third composition was genuinely interesting. (I can’t describe it in a flash w/o some cliché like “angular.”) Wrote in daybook during their set. Started Gates, The Signifying Monkey – can’t take this at a clip, or begin to comment w/o going farther in. Also Sterling A. Brown, Collected Poems, and front matter. Odd – most, like his version of “Franklie and Johnny” are scabrous, but those about old people are terribly sentimental. Home about midnight.