Up at 7:30. Weight 214.5.

Agreed to play “The Wedding of the Painted Doll” for Bree Sat. after all. A time commitment, but as I’d started to suspect, the accompanist she called wasn’t up to the material, at least not quickly. So I got a copy of that printed on the way out. Read 10:04 at coffee. Worked from about 11-4, still on “Goo-Goo Eyes,” which turns out to go off in some complicated directions, but it’s getting there. Probably added 500 words.

Read Sterling Brown on the way home, rehearsed the song w/ Bree for 30 hr. or so; fortunately, she had already figured out her key. I’m not doing anything fancy, but will need to get it under my fingers the next couple of days. Headed back out at 6, read about 25 p. of Gates on the train (definitions/examples of Signifyin(g)) to Ridgewood to see Ed’s new band Knolls in an needlessly large bar on Seneca. Steve Silverstein asked if this is what Get Smart! sounded like, and that’s a better comparison than anything I could make offhand. Short, some pedal mishaps, but he’s a better guitarist I’d made out, drummer was together, bassist acceptable but not doing much more than holding it down, all told I’ve seen, and played, far worse first shows. Talked to Ed, Liz, Steve, Sue Garner, watched the next band’s first 2 songs, completely average boy rock. Long ride, listened to some live Apartments and a chunk of Motown Singles Vol. 1, read the preface of John Maynard Keynes.

Oh – made time for a stop Human Relations, a bookstore near the club. Hadn’t been – not bad, better than Molasses, also in that vicinity. Picked up James Rosenquist’s autobiography on the $1 racks outside (proprietor commented he’d marked it down b/c it hadn’t sold in 6 months), and a book on the U.S. gay classical-music underground.

Home about 11, up until 2, not for good enough reasons.