Up at 9. Weight 214.6.

Dylan won the Nobel and it strangely sidetracked my day. After reading others’ takes, wrote a longish facebook post at coffee about it, which got some nice responses (and some guff from a Marxist film-theorist I’ve met exactly once) over the course of the day; Evan Kindley asked me to expand it a bit for an LARB piece, which I don’t know if I can do in a timely fashion. But that put me behind a bit, and by 1 p.m. it looked like it was going to rain, so I went back home, read a chunk of 10:04, and lost focus. Never went to the library as planned. Ultimately, I grabbed another coffee, wrote in the daybook, and read one poem in Ashbery’s A Wave (in consolation for the bridesmaid). On returning around 6 p.m., I played through “Painted Doll” myself, then ran it with Bree 3 or 4 times. I have to write a chart (though not every note) in the new key if I’m not going to get confused.

Returned a call from the sister-in-law of a very ill friend. It isn’t good.

No prose, didn't read Gates or Brown, generally stalled and disorganized. Have to do better tomorrow (and put some systems in place).