Up 8. Weight 214.4.

Exercised 10 min. Left 10:15, read 50 p. Everett on train and at coffee/breakfast. Oracle 11:45-3 pm: worked on "Stairway to Paradise," but didn't get very far. Met Pete at Ultrasound, midtown, for gtr rehearsal, 4-6; worked on "Still in Error," "Cover Your Tracks," and "Guesthouse." Went from there to the Strand for The Gerswhin Reader, also picked up, cheaply, another Gershwin book; Robert Duncan, The Noise (not the poet, a book on '60s culture I've always meant to look at); and a Drawing Center catalog of Walser and Dickinson artifacts. AACM show at Community Church - almost blew it off and came home, but it was the best of the 3 I've seen this month. Muhal Richard Abrams + 2 modern-classical string players, alternating and then together, and Hamiet Blueiett, quintet w/ Reggie Nicholson and D.D. Jackson, a formidable pianist - went everywhere from gospel to energy blowing, with little pretension. Wrote in daybook, longer than usual, during intermission - also had an idea, based on flipping through the hymnbook, about writing poems w/ the syllabic count of various traditional tunes. Got in about 11.

Read, mainly on trains, a small chapbook interview w/ Clark Coolidge, Cooke/Dylan chapter of Just About Midnight (uneven), and about 10 p. of Aaron McCullough, Double Venus.