Up 8. Weight 214.4

Out at 10. Finished Gates [at a near-skim, some later parts of the book aren't too directly relevant to what I'm doing] on the train and at coffee. Oracle 12-4, mostly cleaned up the graf on "Swanee." Answered some emails; offered to play piano for a few other singers at David H's book party in Dec. Listened to the rest of Fallen Angels on the train home - with another delay, just suddenly going express past my stop so I had to double back from Junction Blvd. Rested, read intro to Jack Hamilton, Just About Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination (which I'm worried scoops me on some points about, e.g. the relationship between "Blowin' in the Wind" and "A Change Is Gonna Come"), and started Percival Everett, Wounded (in his less taxing contemporary Western mode). Made a stack of my intended reading for Nov., went to the gym (for the first time in months!) around 7:30, as much to exert some willpower as anything. 25 min. elliptical, finished the last section of Gilbert, also had on some Wire. Stopped at e77 on the way back, daybook, more of the Everett. Left before some music started - curious, but didn't want to get up in the middle. Read this group of Ashbery poem from upcoming collection.