Up 8. Weight 214.4

Not an effective day. Some email exchanges 10-noon, noon-5 almost entirely wasted. Cleaned  up my desktop, listened to most of side 1 of Game Theory, Two Steps in the Middle Ages (starting to think about liner notes), left 5:45. Read about 1/2 of the remainder of Gates, on Hurston and Ishmael Reed. Triple Canopy event/performance at their new space on Canal. Dan Fox talked back to Gilbert and George (briefly mentioning Linton Kwesi Johnson), Okkyung Lee played horrific cello to clips from Eyes Without a Face (dir. Georges Franju, 1962), The Face of Another (dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara, from a novel by Kobo Abe, 1967), and El Espejo de la Bruja (dir. Chano Urueta, 1962). Hung out for a while afterwards w/ Dan, Andrew Hultkrans, and C. Spencer Yeh, who organized - oddly, he had been a Shrimper fan in Cincinnati. Left too late to go to Strand as I'd planned. Left around 10, ridiculous train delays, esp. once in Queens. Wrote in daybook, read liner notes to Spike, an Ike Turner collection, and that Jazz Arrangers comp., about 10 p. of Gilbert, and an article my godfather sent me on Sicilians in New Orleans jazz. Listened more closely to some tracks from the arranger's comp. (liner notes actually useful in picking out some things, notable that there are tons of augmented chords in Chappie Willett's "Uptown Rhapsody" and Fletcher Henderson's "Queer Notions"), about 1/2 of Dylan's Fallen Angels (it may be better sung than Shadows of the Night), that Sneaks record, and Stravinksy's wind octet. Walked into apt. after 12:30.