Up 6:30. Weight 214.2

Dl'ed absentee voting form, Bernadette Mayer,'s Utopia. Looked at some card stock I have around for Work From Home cover; possible, but involves a fairly complicated printing/scoring job. Out by 9, read 25 p. Gates [I am in the middle of too many books, will limit to 1 prose/1 poetry as much as possible for a while]. A stranger decided to adjust my shirt collar. Daybook. Oracle from 11, had to work on a range of non-book tasks - long email to John Shaw, gathered album demos for Peter (still should do quick phone recordings of 2-3), located some charts to send to Pete. Left at 1:45, met Bree at Film Forum for Vitaphone shorts, entertaining as always, and Show Girl (Alfred Santell 1928), a long-lost Alice White late silent, not shown in the U.S. since its release. 2 decent, if generic, songs. Got my voting form printed in between. Ran into Will Friedwald, Russell Scholl, and Imogene the mysterious Buster Keaton scholar, waiting for the next showing, on the way out. Walked to Gaia, some ways down Houston, to Jean & David's birthday dinner: Brandon + Devon, Jenny, a fair number of people I didn't know. Bree left early b/c she has something tomorrow; I read he middle half or so of the Gilbert book. Listened (on various train rides) to disc 5 of the Lester Young set and v/a The Jazz Arranger vol. 1, until my phone died during Jimmie Lunceford's "Taint What You Do." Lights out 12:30.