Up 6:30. Weight 214.1

Went to coffee early, caught up in daybook, read Keynes. Needed more sleep. Up again at 9:30, listened to a couple of Shostakovich fugues, read about scansion. Decided to go out at the same time with Bree, played through 2-3 tunes from my Monk fakebook while waiting. I grasp the tunes and basic harmonic motion, but don't know how he voices many extended chords (#11 and such). Picked up Vic Hobeson, Creating Jazz Counterpoint from interlibrary loan. Parted at the train, looked into Hobson on the way into the city, immediately learned something relevant (about "barbershop chords") to my discussion of "Stairway to Paradise." At Mid-Manhattan library, mainly to get a Gershwin bio but also checked out a 2012 issue of VQR w/ some interesting-looking poetry, and Percival Everett, Wounded. Wrote about "The Man I Love" for an hr. or so. Headed to MoMa early to renew membership (actually, it turned out it had already put it on autopay) and met Bree for Forbidden Planet (Fred M. Wilcox, 1956). Though I have visual associations w/ the film (Anne Francis, Robby), I had somehow remained innocent of the plot, which is tripper and less "adventure"-like than I expected. Have to love Bebe and Louis Barron's bloop-bleep score, which comes straight out of high-avant electronic experimentation. Took a quick exploratory look around the branch library that has re-opened across 53rd St., had dinner w/ Bree in LIC, showed her around Oracle Club (the writer's room I belong to) nearby, which she's had no occasional to visit in the 8 mos. I've been going there. Stayed behind, wrote another 90 min., trying to get to the other side of Gerswhin via "It Ain't Necessarily So." Knocked off at 10. Listened to some Lester Young, inc. a nice version of "Somebody Loves Me." Read the 1st section of Alan Gilbert, The Treatment of Monuments. Discontents of the contemporary, fragmented above the level of the sentence; palatable. Lights out by 12:30.