Up 8. Wt. 204.

Some sort of reduced train service, couldn't get to LIC easily, so worked in Lucid Cafe, Woodside, about 11-3:30. Continuing to draft on 1920s Gershwin, have 3300 words in the file since Mon., but it needs a lot of work. Read Gates on the way back. Took a nap, spent about 90 min. on organizing regimen. Headed out to Joe's Pub for Laura's show. Finished reading Kizer on the way - the translations from Tu Fu are really fantastic, would quote but the book isn't ready to hand. Listened to a bit of Wire, 154. Show: The solo opener had some chops, but was cloying between songs. Laura's set quite good, w/ Mark Spencer/Jeremy Chatsky/Jimmy Ryan/Steve Goulding - chagrined to say it was overall better than most times I've been in the band! Guest spots by a ppl involved w/ "Not the Tremblin' Kind" - Jay Sherman-Godfrey and George Usher, writer of the title song, whom I've never laid eyes on. Chatted after w/ Jay and his daughter Lily about the 21 Pilots show he'd taken her too, got a ride home to Queens w/ them and Laura. Read a few p. of the scansion book. Lights out 12:30. No daybook.