10.20: Up 10:30. Weight 214.2. Went to a different coffee place than usual, cleaned up email until 1:30. Worked on "Goo Goo Eyes" until 5; going to move on. Rested at home, spent some time on organization, went out about 8, finished Hunt's Piece Logic (liked a prose poem on household appliances best), started Carolyn Kizer, Knock upon Silence, read 10 or so pages each of Keynes and Gates (on the "Talking Book" trope). Lights out midnight.

[Lost 10.22]

10.22 Up 8, but barely got going until 10. Read chapter on iambic pentameter in Charles O. Hartman, Verse: An Introduction. (I wasn't feeling Keynsian today). Listened to Sneaks, Gymnastics (a new Merge artist, drum machine/bass/fm vox, hits a Rough Trade button pretty dead center, haven't made out the lyrics). At Lincoln Ctr. library, wrote around 700 words on "Stairway to Paradise" and "Half of It, Dearie Blues." So-so. Glanced at some sources, but I'm not looking forward to digging into the Gerswhin literature. Hung around past usefulness, read Gates on train, home too late to visit gym (footshooting, tbh). Spent some time w/ Bree, returned a call from my dad, went out to E77 about 8:30. Daybook, Tu Fu translations in Kizer. Home, read a bit more Hartman. Lights out 1.