Up 9. Weight 214.2

At coffee, finished Brown, read a modest amount of Keynes and Gates, caught up on daybook by 11:30 or so. After which, mundane/domestic tasks; would have like to have get out again at 2:30-3, but too much intervened. Left around 5 for Park Slope. Listened to extra disc of Spike, read more Gates. Used up my credit an Unnameable books: Alison McCracken, Real Men Don't Sing; David Hadju's new Love For Sale; Emily Apter, Against World Literature (have wanted to read about competing translations of Madame Bovary for a while), facsimile of MoMa's Douglas Fairbanks book for Bree, a chapbook interview w/ Clark Coolidge, a couple of dollar poetry books. Passed up reprints of Sing Out! Walked to Congregation Beth Elohim for Lethem/Lerner reading/conversation. Genial; no chance to say hi to Ben. A couple of the audience ? were borderline nutso. Took a cab w/ Andrew Hultkrans and a former p.a. of JL's; long discussion of Luke Cage. Reconvened at Brazenhead Books, hung out for a couple hrs w/ the above, James Hannahan, Alix Lambert, and a few people I hadn't met. Picked up John Hammond's autobiography and O'Meally on Billie Holiday, both of which I'd passed up on a previous visit. Long walk + train from UES, listened to Lester Young and read most of a chapbook by Erica Hunt. Fun and all, not sure it was all worth getting in past 2.