Up 4:30-6, slept again until 9. Weight 214.3

Finally sent an 10" order I've had packed for a week to Australia. Left from p.o. for Oracle about 10:30. Listened to 4-track compilation from Dan in Iowa - generally quite strong.  The tracks he sent before release doesn't have artists, but I recognize Mike Watt and Tim Midgett by their voices, not sure my sloppy acoustic contribution ("Granges-Sur-Salvan") stands up. Spent an hr+ on email responses, then worked on "Goo-Goo Eyes" 2-4:30.

Came home, napped, helped Bree download some medical records, headed downtown to rehearse. Read a bit of Keynes, listened to a few songs from EC's Spike, thinking of rhythm arrangements as possible models for "Shovel-Ready," and an early Ike Turner comp. Rehearse 8-10 at Rivington, working mainly on that song, "Illusions," "Untimely Beggar," and running through "Old Currencies," "Our Films, Their Films" + "Enemies." Got an idea of some guitar parts I should decide on/practice. Finally got back to Sterling Brown's poems on the way home - some of the later work is incredibly bitter; tendency to move from race to class (not the only African-American writer to do so). The moments of musical critique are powerful, and not un-Adornian. 

Cleaned up stray emails at home. Too tired for daybook, Gates today. Accomplished a fair bit though. Lights out at 1 am.