Up 7. Wt. 214.5

Didn't leave the neighborhood or try to write; bree was out of the apt., so I spent the day on mundane tasks and organizing. Only of interest insofar as an example of the tiny steps toward a given outcome: e.g., wrote emails related to the next album,  a Shrimper cassette release, a possible release of Human Hearts singles/comp tracks, and my liner notes for a Game Theory reissue,  Cleaned out one messy drawer full of adapters, etc. (why do I have this many MIDI connectors when I have no idea how to use them?); some relief, though the office is full of similar chaos. Cleaned out my email in the evening, finally wrote in daybook and read 10 p. of Keynes, on the Treaty of Versailles. A little hard for me to follow -- it turns out I know very little about international trade balances. Lights out around 11.

It looks like I won't be traveling to Boise in November. 

Theme song for a Japanese civic mascot. I find this very comforting. 

Andrew Cyrille profile, w/ Spotify links to five excellent albums from his past.