Up 6. Wt. 214.3

Coffee, caught up w/ daybook. Tried to read a few Ashbery poems. Short nap at home, then some small tasks. Wrote Dan Selzer about paper remnants for another project, to use for cassette cover.

Pete Galub came over about 11:30, originally to work on gtr parts, but given the uncertainty about recording, we just talked. Walked over to David Heatley's for his "bring-a-song" birthday party. Some professionals and experienced musicians (Lee Feldman, Jeff Lewis, Pete), Amy Kohn some relatives, everyone had to sing or play something, inc. their kids. I played, sang "Rubber Duckie" from their Sesame St. songbook and "Boring Postcards." There 1-5, caught up to people.

Came home, turned around and went downtown for David Nagler's Carl Sandburg record release party at Joe's Pub. Both ambitious and good - he's a terrific arranger (string 1/4tet inc. Jean Cook and Dana Lynn, reed, trumpet, keys, double bass, drums, accordion, and sometimes guitar) and a smart setter of text. Nice mix of musical seriousness and accessibility, at least by my standards. (And I like the choice of Sandburg b/c it doesn't feel trendy.) Gave congrats afterwards.

Wrote several emails about the recording/memorial logistics. Listened to another disc of Lester Young (it includes a lot of Holliday and Basie work). Long email to my dad.