Up 9. 214.4

Rehearsed w/ Bree. 11-1 coffee, mostly online. Will almost certainly postpone our Nov. recording session to go to a memorial out of state. 

Spent hr+ organizing office, trying to update to-do lists, get some control. Had to go back to Cafe Benne for wallet. Rehearsed more. Bree left before me, met her at Slipper Room for Trav + Carolyn's vaudeville wedding. Played "Wedding of the Painted Doll" - Bree sounded good. Good Groucho imitator, Trav sang "Froggie Went a-Courtin." Ran into Chris from Purple Ivy Shadows, an indiepop-era band from Providence, met his wife. Stopped by e77 on the way home, heard a kid from Atlanta covering "Stray Cat Strut," George Jones, this and that. Nothing wrong w/ his voice, solid guitarist. Talked to Macgregor. Home, decompressed 11-1. 

Too much of the day (last few, in fact) centered around that performance. No prose or serious reading, skipped daybook.