Up 9:30. Weight 214.2

Left around 10:30, read a chapter of Starr over coffee breakfast. At Oracle 12:30-3:45. Still on "Stairway to Paradise" - sticky last sentence. Really crowded train downtown, could barely get a book out; downpour when I got off (but had umbrella). Brandon texted that he was bleeding more from a small (unspecified) outpatient surgery than expected; thought, reasonably, he should stay home from rehearsal. Just hoping it doesn't continue to be an issue before/during recording. Tried to take my main winter coat, which I would not otherwise have been wearing, to be relined at a tailor (which I'd checked the hrs. for, and called) near where we rehearse; of course, it was closed (w/ a sign reading Open 7 days). Ill-starred. Grabbed coffee + a danish at Atlas, did the daybook. I write things down and check later to see if they're poems.

Worked on parts for various songs w/ Matt, 6-8. Pretty good, I know it will still need work when we have to commit to tape. Read most of the Beatles/Motown chapter in Hamilton; the McCartney-Jamerson equation is the best thing in the book so far. Home about 10, played guitar for another hr. or so before bed. Would like to shift my entire schedule about 2 hrs. earlier.