Up at 8. Weight 213.6.

Left house around 10, spent most of the day at Oracle. Read miscellaneously, cleared all my email (which involved various other tasks) and made a few other steps forward, mainly writing to the studio about another session in spring and putting some money in my PayPal (Trump-dirty, or not?) to send to the band, wrote to Cake Shop about a December show. Started Ashbery's new Commotion of the Birds, re-read the great title poem and another 10 or so in his "late style" - casual mastery of disjunction and odd vocabulary. Casually looked for j-card templates. "Tomalley" (the edible paste, not quite meat, inside lobsters and crabs); "nainsook" (a type of light muslin). Once home, started in on The Gershwin Reader, ed. Robert Wyatt and John Andrew Johnson.

Elvis Costello, Nov. 7 performance of "Night Rally."