Up 8:30. Weight 213.3.

Found a support address finally, for Avid/Sibelius, wrote an email about billing. (Did get the "I Don't Care" chart printed yesterday, however. Left home 11 am, started Howard Pollack, George Gerswhin His Life and Work at coffee; p. 1-40. Dutiful, well-sourced. Listened to Rubenstein's Melody in F and Dvorak's Humoresque for related reasons (not sure Pollack's description of their themes as AABA is germane). Dealt w/ some email - moving along on the Mekons mechanical license. Distracted by political news. Managed not to write. Came home at 6, read a few more p. of Pollack, walked w/ Bree to a concert by the Queens Consort (mostly local, cleverly named early-music ensemble) at St. Mark's Church. "The Dresden/Venice Connection"; Pisendel, Vivaldi, and others w/ some connection to the court of Augustus the Strong. I doubt get some equally good court music in the next few years. Liked one piece in particular, but lost track in the program, so I don't know which. Talked to the harpsichordist for a bit after - her parts are all figured bass. Bree went home, I stopped by E77, heard a fairly casual alto/bass duo playing Miles Davis' "Solar," etc. Had a beer, did daybook, read to end of Timmons' "middle" book and finished chapter of Hartman. 

Made arrangements to rehearse w/ one of the singers for the Hadju gig. Lights out 12:30.