Up 9. Weight 213.4.

Looked around flea market up the street w/ Bree. I bought 2 Americana CDs + an opera of Moby Dick I'd never heard of, $2 each, out of curiosity; she found a purse. Morning otherwise taken up w/ mundane tasks - which have felt particularly burdensome lately. Phone seems not to be charging, local repair shop closed Sundays. Etc. Met Charlotte Preston at a rehearsal room in midtown (Shetler) at 2, worked on "I've Got the World on a String" (learned the verse) for an hr or so. Headed to LES, picked up my relined coat, wrote 500 on Gershwin at Atlas Cafe, about 4:30-7. Walked to David and Jean's for Scrabble, w/ Steve S. and an arts administrator/jazz pianist named Jeanette Vuocolo (got her card). She's Southern Italian, and mentioned some interesting-sounding work on Italian-American theater and an article called "Deconstructing Louis Prima." (Looks like Will Friedwald gave a talk to this effect, but I can't find a published reference.) Tomeka Reid and Karen Waltuch were supposed to come, but didn't appear. I bingo'd rather elegantly with "capstans," but I don't remember who won. I forgot to bring LPs, but we listened to a Swiss free piano record I liked, and Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti. Did some card tricks for David. Took a car home. Lights out 1. 

Read to 95 in Pollack over the course of the day.