(11.23) Up 9. Weight 213.2.

Mundane tasks, copied some music for Thanksgiving singalong, left at 1 to meet Bree in midtown. Took our time getting to GTC, Read Pollack on Metro-North, got to Mt. Vernon around 4. Some shopping w/ Jenny, dinner w/ her and Brian, came back and played w/ a karaoke machine (w/ ridiculous vocal effects) they just got, and tried out the digital piano we're taking to her family's tomorrow. Talked for a while about politics/culture (not by business to report on that here), everyone went to bed about 11, stayed up and got to 250 in Pollock (mention of "Some Wonderful Sort of Someone," a 1918 AABA song by Gerswhin, lyrics Schuyler Green); finally got into 3rd section of Susie Timmons + daybook. Probably went to bed around 12:30 (but restless all night; listened to some Shostakovich).

(11.24) Up 7. No scale.

Kept at Pollack, to 300. Made cranberry sauce and washed potatoes. Jenny's old friend/bandmate Derek came in around 2, we all left w/ her brother's around 3. Not really the purpose of this 'journal' to detail my holiday activities, but this has been our East Coast Thanksgiving for 3-4 years running now, and, per usual, I played some piano and led a singalong w/ Bree (Xmas songs, + the numbers you'd guess from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music), before the various kids took over w/ v. recent pop songs (e.g. Daya, "Sit Still, Look Pretty") and Brian's karaoke machine (though I delivered the breakdown to "Shake It Off." Also did a couple of card tricks. Entirely pleasant. Our crew went home about 9, stayed up for a while watching 1/2 of A Face in the Crowd. Managed to read more Timmons at some point, and did daybook (v. sketchy). Lights out around 11.