(Still in Mt. Vernon; no scale.) Got up for a while around 3 and read a long article on gambling addiction in the Atlantic. Back to bed, up for real around 8. Slow breakfast, conversation, dog walking. Got a ride to the train around 1, rode to GTC w/ Derek. Bree went home, I went to Lincoln Ctr. library (having checked online that it was open, which the Julliard Store, where I'd also hoped to look for a recent ed. of Adorno, was not). Copied music for "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" and "Stormy Weather (w/ verse and interlude respectively) for Hadju show, + George + Ira's early "The Real American Folk Song (Is a Rag)." Checked out a useful collection of mainly pre-1924 Gerswhin; Woll, Black Musical Theater; and a book on Neapolitan opera that I may not get to for a while. Left 4:30, read Pollack over coffee and on train back, also finished Timmons. May have to put aside reading poetry until the end of the month. Home by 6, unpacked, daybook, read 10 p. of Hartman on free verse, but generally exhausted; lights out before 10.