Up 8:15. Weight 213.9 [lower after a wk setback]. 

Leaving for NC to record tomorrow. Went to coffee about 10, finished Just About Midnight, read 10 p. or so of Starr on Porgy & Bess. Came home, read a chunk of Gone Girl while Bree was getting ready to go out. Started dealing w/ life at 1. Exercised 10 min. Packed in fits and starts, decided what books to take, took the 9-volts out my gtr pedals for the flight, sent Pete G. lyrics for "Gueshouse," dealt w/ various things in my office, finally posted about the recent 4-track compilation. Tammy Grimes passed away on Oct. 30; I played her 1st album, from 1959, a classic, v. supper club two-piano affair w/ terrific song choices ("Let's Take a Walk Around the Block," some lesser-known Porter, a spooky "Molly Malone") that was one of my entry points into the genre. Finished Starr's Gerswhin book. Useless on jazz, race. Once Bree came home, we called my parents, had dinner and dropped by a grand opening for a flower/gift/coffee bar, almost too elegant for the neighborhood. Local jazz guitarist/stand-up bassist playing "I Can't Get Started." Went to E77 at 9, wrote 300 word proposal (on "Mama Don't Allow") for next year's EMP, about 2 hrs. Finished packing - need to not have to think tomorrow if I'm going to leave for LGA at 6 am - but kept thinking of thinks to take care of (hadn't rented a car for the week). Lights out 1 am.